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A multimedia event that recreates the best moments of the 1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair, with 15 musicians live on stage recreating 15 of the most exciting bands to perform at these 3 days of peace and music!

This "happening" recreates the spirit, ambiance and attitude of the musicians and spectators who participated in this 1969 historical event. It includes footage of the original Woodstock movie, projected as an intro to the show and every performer. Only vintage instruments are used in order to recreate the actual sound of all the bands that performed at Woodstock. All the costumes that the performers wore at the event have also been recreated for the occasion.

Relive the greatest show of all, the show that changed the history of Rock’n’Roll forever. Come dressed as a hippie for the event to help us recreate the 60’s ambience for this once in a lifetime concert experience!

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